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So this blog is running on Anchor CMS. This is my first time using it, and I am using it for this blog just so I can find out how it works, and decide if I like it. As you may have noticed, this is a very bland clean design. The idea is to focus on the content and not the design. Afterall, I am developer, not a designer. So lets do that (focus on the content that is).

Anchor is super lightweight, uses MySQL as a database, and markdown for creating posts and pages on the back-end. Very easy to use if you have simple requirements (like a blog). I plan to blog about interesting and useful css and js tricks, and I am hoping that the simplicity of this CMS and theme will make it easier to implement some examples.

What I love so far is that this site is blazing fast. I tested it with a network throttling to 3G and it was loading every page in about half a second. Of course, there is very little content, and no images other than my logo and the header image above. But still, that is pretty great for a CMS. Kudos to the Anchor team!

This article is my 2nd oldest. It is 219 words long, and it’s got 0 comments for now.