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Benefit Medical Apparel | Ecommerce

Last year I re-designed and developed the ecommerce site for benefitmedical.com. It was a side project for me, but the business itself is doing very well. So the stakes were higher than a normal side project. The guys at Benefit were great to work with through the whole process. I work with a lot of clients. Some are easier to work with than others, and these guys are some of the best. I felt like a partner instead of a contractor. Since launching the site in October, I have continued to work with them on an as needed basis for updates and enhancements.

The Business

Benefit Medical Apparel is an Owasso, OK based online retailer that sells athletic fit medical scrubs and lifestyle apparel. They are proudly veteran owned and operated. It is a relatively new business but the product went viral and they have been selling all over the country and have plans to expand internationally.

The Gist

They were on Square Space and I set them up with WooCommerce. Square Space is a good do-it-yourself simple site platform, but for the good folks at Benefit Medical Apparel, the ecommerce side of things was limiting what they wanted to do. There were several key features that they wanted, as well as a design refresh. I found a premium theme that got most of the way there, then customized and extended the site to meet the rest of the requirements.


After working out some integration bugs, we went live late at night. Benefit announced the new design and opened up pre-orders for a new product all at once. This produced a flood of traffic the next morning and I did not have enough resources to handle it. The site went down as the traffic peaked. I migrated the site to a VPS account with a lot more resources as quickly as I could. After that things ran smoothly.

I felt terrible for underestimating the traffic they were going to get. They were very cool about it though. In hindsight, I would strongly recommend letting a new site fly under the radar for a little while to make sure everything looks good. I would have been able to see that the traffic was near the limit and increase resources before we reach a breaking point. Live and learn. Also, kudos to Benefit Medical for really knowing how to get the word out!


As I mentioned earlier, I am still working with them on an as needed basis. They are growing, developing new products, expanding into new territories, and changing the medical scrub landscape. I am excited to see what they accomplish in the future and look forward to being part of it!

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