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This is the first post on a new blog. Ever so often I decide to scrap what I have at dylanallen.net and start over. I change and grow over time, and so should this site. I plan to share more opinions on this iteration rather than just advertise for myself. However, I will start the first few posts with some advertisements! I am a web developer, photographer, and musician, so I will outline those endeavors with a post dedicated to each. I will start with this short introduction.

Web Development(Career/Passion)

In college I studied economics, and spent the first 10 years of my career using my business degree. On February of 2017, I started a full time job as a web developer for Hampton Creative. I have a passion for code, and making beautiful web sites. So this change was about me taking a risk and following my dreams. HC is also an amazing place to work, and every single member of the team is top notch. So if you are looking for web design or any other kind of design. You know where to go.

Photography(Side gig)

I have a beautiful daughter. After she was born I decided I needed a decent camera to take photos that could do her justice. I bought a DSLR, started nerding out over photography, and boom. Now I have a decent side gig as a photographer.

Music(Hobby/Side Gig)

I have played the guitar since middle school. My wife is a flamenco dancer, and her father a flamenco guitarist. When we met in college, I was recruited to play the cajon for a big show they had booked after their percussionist backed out a couple months before the show. I picked up flamenco guitar over the years, and I have been playing with the group since then. Our performing group's name is Reflejos Flamencos. My wife teaches dance classes which you can read more about at FlamencoTulsa.

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