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I have taken a few web clients as side work lately, and I wanted to talk about them briefly. The most recent is an exotic fish ecommerce site specializing in Plecostomus. I am doing a basic SEO setup for this site (nothing with the design). This business is run by a past co-worker of mine name Jeremiah. He is a good dude, and I am excited to help him out with this new endeavor. I am a fan of entrepreneurship, and applaud anyone who take a risk on starting their own business.

This business started out of a hobby, and after getting an import license to acquire these exotic fish, he started selling them on various platforms, and recently set up the site so he could make his inventory more accessible to customers. After he set it up, he realized that no one could find the site, so that is where I come in. I am going to help him get some organic search traffic. At this point I have only started with a basic SEO setup, and gave him some content homework.

SEO is one of my functions at Hampton Creative. I have learned a lot about it since I started with the agency in February of 2017, and I am glad that I can use my skills to help out a friend. Check his website out and maybe buy a sweet exotic catfish.

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